Understanding the Record Business

If you're in the record business already, at any level, you probably have some understanding of the nuts and bolts.   If you want to be in the record business, again at any level, you will want to familiarize yourself with the process.  Below is a brief step-by-step  description of a typical recording contract.  Keep in mind every artist is different and the industry is forever changing.  Always consult an entertainment attorney before signing any kind of contract.  Let GameOnRecords guide you through the process!!

Step 1: Record

  • 2  state of the art production studios
  •  experienced engineers
  • versatile producers and session musicians available
  • vocal training also available

Step 2: Copyright

  • register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office

Step: 3 Become a Member

  •    TuneCore  
  •    SoundExcha-nge 

Step: 4 Marketing/Promotions 

  • social media
  • radio
  • podcasts
  • print

Step: 5 Perform

  • practice
  • rehearsals
  • showcases
  • bookings

Step: 6 Distribute

  • digital distribution
  • EP/LP
  • domestic
  • international

Featured Artists

Lee Sorro


Determined not to be a stereotypical, artist Lee Sorro has given us a new and interesting look into this introspective music!



Newcomer and former model Cierra promises to give us good face and a straight to the point musical style.  


R&B/Hip Hop

This R&B singer by trade has given the rap game a reason to stand up and pay attention with her sexy mash-up style.